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From The Beak of Quoth ~ Wishing A Happy New Year

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m back and this time I hit my proper landing time!  Anyways, a brief update on the order of days for Fur The ‘More.  We’ve gotten Friday and Monday back in place, but somehow Saturday has disappeared and Sunday is sharing space with Thursday.  I’d have thought that Saturday would be in Thursday’s place, but oh well.  We at Fur The ‘More want to wish you all a happy New Year’s Eve and hope that you have fun drinking (yes, even you non-alcoholic drinkers).  Good luck with the hangovers tomorrow morning.

Also, individuals have been asking about who the Charity will be for our first year.  Sadly, we will not be able to bring them to Fur The ‘More.  They seem to be immune to time travel, be it TARDIS, Delorean, magic, time rift, dimensional rift, black hole, and just pushing them into tomorrow.  This means that, while they cannot send a representative to us, we will be supporting Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary ( http://www.friskys.org/ ) for our inaugural year.  They are a non-profit sanctuary and rehabilitation facility located in Woodstock, Maryland.

Now, brief stay aside, I need to get my tailfeathers back to the convention space to see where the bloody hell Saturday has gone off to.  Be safe, drink well, don’t drive if you drank alcohol, and have a wonderful New Year!


~ Quoth T. Raven & The Fur The ‘More Staff

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