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From The Beak of Quoth ~ Oh My, Less Than 80 Days

Hello again Ladies and Gentlemen,

Can you believe we are less than 80 days out from the convention?  The energy in the workers at the site is only getting higher as they continue to prepare!  We have a few new merchants to add to the ranks of time travelers in our dealer’s den: Art by Sandy Schreiber, Falcon Moon Studio, Jenkiwi Arts, MajikCraft, and Twilight Phoenix Studios.  Welcome to all of them and the full list can be found at http://www.furthemore.org/exhibitions/marketplace/ where any changes to our dealer’s den line up will be posted!

Also, our Con Chair, Kit Drago, would like remind everyone that we still do have an Indiegogo campaign going on in order to raise funds for the convention (site located at http://www.indiegogo.com/furthemore ).  It is in the last many hours to contribute to with less than 33 hours left.  Additionally, Autumn Sunrise, our Art Show head is still looking for additional participants for the Art Show (you can find the journal at http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4221641/ ).

In regards to our convention book, advertising space is still open for it and we are open to submissions for it in terms of stories or art.  If you would like to participate in either method, please contact Salem Pardus at marketing@furthemore.org .  I must remind you that any submissions for the convention book must be PG-13 or better or we’ll be finding out if felines can truly catch birds.

We are planning on being at TheFurstState’s newest Delaware Furbowl on the 26th, of course with the Furbowl exclusive discount ($5 off per level of registration up to $25 at Raven God).  Do expect to see Kit Drago, Irime Zane, and Salem Pardus there though there may be others from the convention arriving as well.

I’d go into more of the technical issues with the time sphere we’re building around the convention, but I’m sure it is boring you all since you aren’t there building it yourselves, so I’ll sign off with a ‘fare thee well’ and get back to my own work with the promise of popping my beak back into this timeline soon enough to greet and inform you all again!

~Quoth T. Raven