Calling all DJs

Hello DJs!

*taps the microphone*  Is this thing on?   Alright, jesting aside, we have some information for you!  In addition to the normal dances, we are including a Friday night formal dance!  In total that will be the formal dance, two regular dances, and the dead dog party!  So, if any of you would like to audition to be a DJ for Fur the ‘More this year, here’s the information you need to do it:

Make a mix / sample of 45-75 minutes

Post it to soundcloud or mix cloud

Send your information and a link to the mix to


Once this is done we’ll be able to contact you!

Thank you,

~ Quoth

General Announcements

Greetings everyone!

We have a few things to post so please read the following announcements:

Pre-registration’s close has moved to a new date: February 14th as noted in our Vice Chair’s journal located at .

We would appreciate all of our dealers to check their spam folders to ensure they have received contact from the Marketplace as some have not replied back to a few e-mails.  It would be appreciated so we can make sure the Marketplace proceeds as smoothly as possible.

There are plenty of panel spaces and the programming section would particularly love to have additional art, fursuit performance, and fursuit construction panels to help round out our offerings to you, our attendees!  Please contact them at !

The Art Show would like to remind you that entry into the show is free and only a 10% commission is taken from the sale price of the art.  This is only if it is sold, so if your piece is not sold, there will be no cost to you.

The convention book is being put together and is open for donated art, stories, and also advertisements.  Currently the prices are $40 for a full page ad (8.5 inches x 5.5 inches), $20 for a half page ad(4.25 inches x 5.5 inches), and $10 for a quarter page ad (4.25 inches x 2.75 inches).  Please contact if any of those three options interest you!


~ Quoth

Full Steam Ahead! Important info

- As a reminder: Pre-Reg for Fur The ‘More 2014 (Pirates vs. Ninjas) ends at 11:59pm EST on Feb. 14!!!! If you know you are going, take advantage of discounted rates by pre-registering!!!

- That being said, the hotel is quickly filling up. MAKE SURE TO SECURE YOUR ROOM!!

- The LAST DAY FOR PANEL SUBMISSIONS will be January 31!! So if you want to run/host a panel, event, etc. you must submit your idea through this form – – before the 31st of this month.

- Remember, if you are thinking of registering as a Raven God, you cannot do it at the door. It is a pre-reg ONLY level as it requires planning with the hotel. Raven God is the level that includes 2 room nights at the hotel (Fri/Sat night), free breakfast buffet for 2 people on Sat and Sun morning, all the praise and gifts that come with ALL of other tiers of membership (except Lifetime Membership of course), AND entry into a drawing to become Attendee GoH for 2015, plus many other perks!

Other Announcements:

- Friday Night All U Can Drink Beer Sponsored by Raging Dragon Radio, will be back. We will announce keg selection(s) soon. This year there will be a $3 “cover charge” to partake in the festivities. During the All U Can Drink Beer Event, you will be able to listen to the Raging Dragon Radio “Drunken DJ” which will be broadcast LIVE from the event!! This event is strictly for ages 21+, yes, we/the hotel WILL card.

- Due to unforeseen circumstances and lack of interest from attendees, we will be cancelling the dance competition for this year. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. If we find an experienced person to run a dance competition before panel submission closes, this could change.

- Our dealers’ room is FULL at this time (which is about twice as big as last years)!!!!!

- There will be faction specific events and games for ALL attendees throughout the convention on all days. Make sure you support your side for “control of the land.” Will Pirates or Ninjas prevail? Only one way to find out…

- We will be starting a volunteer drive shortly. Anyone interested in volunteering to help out at Fur The ‘More, please contact: gophers[at] … There are perks for helping out: 0-8 hours – Con Store $10 Discount, 9-14 hours – Discount, Fur the ‘More tshirt, 15-19 hours – Discount, T-shirt, half off attendee badge next year, 20+ Hours – Free attendee badge for next year.

** For anyone who volunteers before or after the convention to help unload and load equipment, you will receive DOUBLE hours!

- Are you a hobby or pro videographer/photographer? Want to volunteer your time capturing images of the convention? Contact: marketing[at] to find out how you can contribute your talents to our DVD and other marketing media

That should be all for now…stay tuned as we will be releasing many special announcements soon!