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To everyone at Midwest FurFest

We would like to pause for a moment and send out our best wishes to everyone at Midwest FurFest; Staff, attendees, and guests alike. Our thoughts are also with those affected by the incident early Sunday morning including the ones that had to be hospitalized. Read more →

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We would like to wish each and everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We would also want to wish those that are out on the road a safe travel to and from your destination. Read more →

Happy 4th of July

We posted this to our social media yesterday, but overlooked posting it here.   Happy 4th of July to all our Fur the More friends and family.   Also, if you were not able to go to Anthrocon, Don’t worry, you can still get our at the convention Discount by registering on our website.  If you are at Anthrocon, then… Read more →