Fur the 'More


Happy 4th of July

We posted this to our social media yesterday, but overlooked posting it here.   Happy 4th of July to all our Fur the More friends and family.   Also, if you were not able to go to Anthrocon, Don’t worry, you can still get our at the convention Discount by registering on our website.  If you are at Anthrocon, then… Read more →

Win a free upgrade

In 10 mins after 9pm eastern time, I will give the first five adventurous souls to the forest a free upgrade to their membership in the “Fur the ‘More Cryptozoological Society.   That is a one level upgrade put to Party animal.   So attendee becomes Animal,  Animal become Party Animal.   Join us in the hunt tonight!   -Quoth Read more →

Calling all DJs

Hello DJs! *taps the microphone*  Is this thing on?   Alright, jesting aside, we have some information for you!  In addition to the normal dances, we are including a Friday night formal dance!  In total that will be the formal dance, two regular dances, and the dead dog party!  So, if any of you would like to audition to be a… Read more →