Artist Alley

Artist Alley

Are you an artist just starting out and wanting to try your paw at selling your artwork? Why not try Fur The �More�s Artist Alley?  We have two ways of entering for the daily lottery- at the con, and ONLINE!

We will be raffling off half the table spots ahead of the convention, the other half will be available for at con raffle on a daily basis. Please enter for each day you desire to sell. Each day is raffled off individually for applying artists (example- If you register for all three days, there is a chance you may only win for Friday, or Sunday). You will have until April 1st to enter in for the drawings.

The $15 fee will be due 30 minutes before the Art Alley opens for that day you may be selected for. You will be notified for any days you are selected for via email. If you do not receive an email, then you were not selected for any of the dates you entered for, BUT you will have a second chance at obtaining a table at the convention itself.

Several other changes starting in 2017 include:

  • Artist Alley will be in the hallway leading up to the Tysons Ballroom on the
    Mezzanine level
  • You will be allowed to sell items that are made before the convention, as long as you made them yourself and are actively taking commissions for the items and that the items were originally made by YOU
  • We will be able to take payment for table rental via credit card if needed.

Please read the full rules below before applying:

FurtheMore 5 (2017) Artist Alley Packet

“A Furry for Frisky’s” benefit program

Our members with a donation of at least $5 or more to the charity can receive “A Furry for Friskys” button showing their support.  We’re looking for dealers and artists who are willing to have a small gift or discount they would be willing to give away with a purchase.  It’s a way for you to help promote the charity while benefiting your customers.

What do you get?

  • A nifty “Furry for Frisky’s” sign for your table, showing your support and attracting customers who have donated to your table.
  • Free advertising as a supporting dealer or artist at the charity table. We’ll have a sign with the names of everyone who is in the benefit program.
  • That warm fuzzy feeling of helping out.

Online Artist Alley Application Link:

FurtheMore 2017 Opens in: 1 Days 20 Hours 5 Minutes 6 Seconds