Charity Fundraising

Charity Fund Raising

Our charity for Fur The More 5 will be Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary ( They will have a booth with live animals on display within our Marketplace. We have several opportunities for our guests to help out this wonderful agency:

FTM’s Plushie Yard Sale

Looking for a new plush friend to cuddle with, or have new/gently used ones you would like to put up for adoption for a
good cause? We have the event for you! Donate/purchase plushies and all of the proceeds will go to our charity.

Open daily from 10am-6pm outside the Marketplace (Tysons Ballroom)

Charity Raffle

Come see what our surprise raffle item(s) will be for this year! $1 per ticket or 6 for $5. The winning number will be selected at closing ceremonies.

Open daily from 10am-6pm outside the Marketplace (Tysons Ballroom)

“A Furry for Frisky’s” Button

Donate $5 or more (either money donation, or donation item purchase, such as charity raffle, charity auction, or
plushie yard sale), and you will receive a free button from Fur The More/Frisky’s. With
this button a number of our dealers/artist will have specials just for you and that wonderful button! Specific deals will be listed on our website/signs for the Marketplace dealers.

Open daily from 10am-6pm outside the Marketplace (Tysons Ballroom) and with the charity booth within the Marketplace.

Charity Voice Auction

Want a comedy show while doing something good for animals? Come to our charity auction and bid, bid, bid! We are looking for donations of all types (besides plushies) and bidders!

The auction will be held on Saturday night in one of our main events halls. Items will be displayed until the auction
outside the Marketplace from 10am-6pm.

FurtheMore 2017 Opens in: 1 Days 20 Hours 5 Minutes 24 Seconds