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Happy Thanksgiving!!

We would like to wish each and everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We would also want to wish those that are out on the road a safe travel to and from your destination. Read more →

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Marketplace registration opening.

Greetings to our esteemed vendors, dealers, and exhibitionists…   Eh hem….  Not that kind.   Our cryptozoology hunters and scientists will be on the lookout for that rarest of all creatures.  “The good deal.”   The only way they will find your good deal though, is if you are one of our vendors.   We’ve even got some improvements for… Read more →

Casting for 2015 Trailer

We’re getting ready for our film production of the 2015 trailer. Do you have a mythical fursuit? Such as Jackalope, dragons, gryphons, chupacabra, Bigfoot, etc? Have some free time in mid to late October? Would you like to be in our trailer? We will also be planning our virtual hotel tour where we can use more contemporary fursuiters. We’re also… Read more →