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Announcing extended registrations!

Due to growing demand and high rates of registration, we are extending our pre-reg dates! You will have until Sunday night to pre-register for Furthemore, including the elusive Raven God and Big Cheese levels! This is the last chance to get the lower price and pre-reg, so if you haven’t yet, please do so soon! Again, this is the last… Read more →

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Code of Conduct Update

Our code of conduct has been updated slightly…   The Weapons Policy has been updated as follows: ———————————————– Weapons Policy NO LIVE STEEL –  Live steel is defined as any metal or  other materials that can take an edge or point that could potentially cause damage or harm to another person.  No actual weapons or any item that can be… Read more →

From the Fursuit Track

  Posted by Rex Xie Cat Fur the ‘More is happening very soon, and prep work is well underway. One of the panels, the Chimera Challenge, is back by popular demand for the third year of the convention. This workshop is a speed challenge to build a fursuit in three hours or less, to be judged at a later point.… Read more →