Page a Chair Program

Every member of our volunteers and staff are here to help everything run smoothly so that our attendees can have a great time.  After all, without our attendees, we’d all be sitting at home having a very normal old weekend.  Not the fun and excitement of a convention.

Our staff has been given the direction and authority to ensure their area’s run as smoothly and problem free as possible. Our policies have been put in place to ensure that both the staff and the attendees can have a convention that is safe and free of problems. However, we know that at times there may be a disagreement or a difference of opinion in what and how things are being run or enforced. First and foremost, we ask that both our staff and our attendees take a breath and try to resolve the difference yourself. The staff are also advised that if they feel that things are not going the right way to get their Department head.

However, in the end, if you feel like you need further assistance, or just feel like the staff member is not handling the situation well, then please ask them to “Page a Chair”. As soon as any staff member hears that request, they should immediately radio to Convention Operations and activate the Page a Chair program to their location. If they do not have a radio, then we ask you to accompany them to convention operations or the nearest staff member with a radio. Either way, one of our Convention Directors will come to you within five minutes to help mediate the situation between you and our staff to ensure that Fur the More policies are being followed all around.  If for any reason the staff or volunteer leaves after you ask for page a chair, then we ask you to let us know as soon as possible so we can locate them.

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