Dance Competition and Floor Wars

If your interested in the Dance Competition or Floor Wars, see below.


Dance Competition

Fur the More 2017 Dance Competition Rules:

Regarding sign ups:

  1. Participants must be registered convention attendees.
  2. Participants must sign up online prior to the event. 
  3. Participants must provide us with a digital copy of their music and a hard copy in person at the con (a CD, flash drive, whatever you’ve got!). 
  4. Minors are allowed to participate – there is no age limit on participation.

Regarding music choice:

  1. The time limit for your song is two minutes and thirty seconds. You can use something shorter if you would prefer.
  2. Please choose a song without profanity or implied profanity. If your song contains profanity, you are responsible for bleeping it out or providing a radio-friendly version of the song. If you cannot do this, you will be barred from participating. 
  3. Please upload the highest quality possible file – we will be using the file you upload as your dance music, so you want it to sound good!

Regarding performance:

  1. This is an all-ages event – please do not include any overtly lewd gestures in your routine.
  2. Small props are allowed (a cane, a hat, etc) – but must be cleared by staff prior to the event. You can email us at to clear your prop, if you have one.
  3. Partials and full fursuits are allowed. General guideline is that the fursuiter must not be showing any skin. Head, handpaws, and tail (if applicable) are the bare minimum. 
  4. Dancers will perform their showcase on a dance floor, surrounded by audience on all sides and judges to one side. 

Regarding judging:

  1. Performers will be judged by a panel of three experienced fursuit dancers.
  2. The panel will rate all dancers on a list of several criteria. For example, judges may rate dancers on a scale of 1 – 5 on a category called “sense of rhythm and musicality.
  3. The winner will be determined by adding the scores in all categories.

Go here to sign up!

Once you have signed up, follow the instructions below.

Please provide us with a digital copy of your music choice by uploading it to our Drop It To Me site:
The password to upload is “8bit” (without the quotes). Please name your file PERFORMERNAME.mp3, in which PERFORMERNAME is the name you will be performing under.

Please provide any details regarding your music choice. It is assumed the music will begin once the dancer is in the middle of the stage, but if you would like your music to start while you walk on, or something else, let us know here so we can plan accordingly!

Floor Wars

Welcome back to the Fur the ‘More’s floor wars dance competition. We are very excited to have it again this year and would really love your support so please come out and dancers please sign up to help make this a positive experience for the convention.

Each division will be a 1v1 styled dance off with two rounds. More info will be listed on page (5)

The rules will be first come first serve for sign ups. We will accept only two extra people per division just encase someone is a no show for the event. So please don’t feel discouraged if you do not make the first cut. Signups will be discussed on the next page.

  • For non suit division, there will be eight available slots for competitors and two-four extra for backups.
  • For suit division there will be eight open slots for suits and two-four extra for backups.
  • Regulations for suiters are the same as the dance competition ruling on suits for partials and full suits. Please go the dance competition page to read over the rulings on suits.
  • Remember, this is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.


Signup Information

Please email the head judge, Matt Peterson (Tao Tiger) with the following information filled out.

  • Full Name
  • Sona Name (name you would like to be addressed as during the competition)
  • Division (Suit or Non-Suit)
  • Con Badge Name (Identification on your badge so we can identify you for sign ups)


You will need to provide a con badge to sign in when you arrive at the event so we know you’re here and ready to dance!

A list of the people who made it in the first cut will be posted. The head judge will email you back if you have gotten the spot. If there is a massive influx of emails the brackets might become larger. Again, the head judge will let you know.


Date: Sunday, April 30th

Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm

Location: Fairfax Ballroom A (Main Events)


  •  Setup
  • Warm ups/Sign In: (30mins prior to event. Setup)
  • Event Start: 1:00pm
  • Judges Introduction/Showcase
  • 5min break (if time permits) : Before Finals (all dancers are welcomed to dance on the event floor)
  • Finals
  • Event End: 3:00pm (can run a bit over depending on time)




The competition will run on a time based schedule and times are bound to change. The event will be hosted in Main Events (Fairfax Ballroom A) at exactly (1:00pm-3:00pm) on Sunday the 10th. Please show up at least 30mins prior to the competition start.

The event will take place in a dim lit room and the dances will run on a 1v1 bracket system. There will be two rounds with randomized music so neither of the dancers can have a prior advantage. The dancers will have 30secs to show off their best dance moves to the judges and to defeat their opponent. In the case of a tie, there will be a third round and there will be no more ties afterwards. As for the finals, the dancers will have three chances to prove themselves to the judges and there will be no ties.

There will be a 5 minute break prior to the finals.

There will be an introduction ceremony given by the judges. This will include: introductions, dancer introductions, and a judge’s showcase. After that, the competition will begin.

Rules and Regulations

1)  Identification WILL be needed for each dancer to be allowed to enter the dance area.

2)  When your name is called to go up to dance you must be ready or you will forfeit your spot and someone on the extra list will take your place. You are given 2.5min to show after your name is called.

3)  Judges decisions will be final and when decision is cast please accept the decision and have a seat. Any aggressive actions will result in expulsion from competition.

4)  Music is randomized and no requests will be taken for an advantage. All dancers will have an equal chance to win.

5)  Dancer rosters will be randomized. If paired up with a more experienced dancer, you MUST face off or you will forfeit your spot.

6)  Every form of dance is welcomed here at FTMFW 2017. But, follow the labeled rules below. Dancers will be given one warning before they forfeit position.

      1. No touching/disrespecting of other dancers will be accepted.

      2. No vulgar hand jesters while dancing. (Using hands in sexual ways, flicking off opponent, etc.…)

      3. No stripping off of cloths unless there is something beneath the removed cloths that is of reasonable use. Please keep this in mind or there will be an automatic removal. Children could be in attendance during this event.

7) Please be respectful of other dancers and do not criticize. Shaking of hands or hugging will be welcomed after each round and after judge’s decision. Everyone will be there to have fun so do not ruin it for others.

8) No cursing or harassment of others.

9) No destroying of property or of any competitor’s property. If caught doing so, offenders will be expelled from competition, and will pay for damaged property.

10) Smoking and Alcoholic Consumption are prohibited during the dance competition. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from competition. Please follow hotel rules and regulation for such manners and please respect these rules.

11) This competition is first come first serve policies. Entry Max participants in non suit are 8 with 2-4 extras just in case. In suit division there will be a max of 8 with 2-4 extras just in case.

12) Video taking will be allowed but of only the competition. Photos are welcomed as well. Same rules apply for Photos.

13) Each dancer takes their own risk in dancing. Injuries CAN happen if trying high risk moves. These include, but are not limited to: sprains, bruises, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks.

14) Each competitor is responsible for their own management and must show up on time.

15) Have fun and go for the win!

Ruling System

Each round will have two parts, giving the dancers two chances to impress the judges and show off their skills. In case of a tie, there will be one more round, winner takes all. After the third round there will be no more ties.

Judges can discuss who they like during the round but when the ruling is ready, they will keep silent and vote for who they liked more.

Rulings go as such:

  • If they prefer the competitor on the right they will raise their right hand.
  • If they liked both and wish for a tie they will cross their hands in an X.
  • If they prefer the competitor on the left they will raise their left hand.

In the ruling system, majority wins the vote!

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