Game Room

     Our gaming areas are open 24 hours a day during the convention.  This way you always have something to do, even when you get that bout of ConInsomnia.  Join us in each of our rooms for some great games and awesome tournaments.

Video Game Room

You’ll be seeing my cohorts and I in the video gaming room at Fur the ‘More! We love seeing you guys have fun, but please keep a few things in mind:

1. If you need help with anything, ask staff/volunteers. We’re good at what we do, and we’re there to assist you. We’ll be the ones:

- setting up consoles
- testing controllers
- swapping games
- and all the other gruntwork that helps you guys have fun. Please don’t do these things on your own. We do appreciate wanting to help, though, but we can’t take any chances.

2. Be courteous to everyone around you.

- Be mindful of personal space. There could be a lot of people in the room, and sometimes limbs fly around rather excitedly.

- We know some games (and people) are louder than others, but please don’t increase volume to drown out the person next to you.

- Be patient, and if someone is playing something you’d like to try, politely let them know. If they continue to disregard this, please let us know.

- Handhelds (3DS, Vita, etc) are extremely welcome (especially for Streetpasses, I’ll have three on me), but please leave space at the TVs for anyone who might need to use it. We’ll get some extra chairs for you if we can.

3. Be courteous to the games/equipment.

- Nobody likes con crud, so please make sure you’ve got clean hands if possible. We’ll try to have hand sanitizer available just to be safe.

- If you have a problem with a controller or game, let us know and we’ll take care of it.

- All of these controllers belong to either staff or someone who was nice enough to lend it to us. If you plan on man-handling or damaging anything, please bring your own controller and use that.

- I’ll be giving each game a thorough cleaning before starting it up, so there is no need to blow in anything. Some consoles/games are a bit temperamental, so sit tight and we’ll do our best to get it working.

4. Public behavior.

- Please practice basic hygiene (showers, washing hands, brushing teeth, etc).

- Mind your language — I’m not expecting everything to be G-rated, but try not to flood the air with obscenities. There could be kids around.

- If you plan on bringing in food or drink, be extremely careful. We’d prefer resealable bottles for liquids, and not to set down/eat food near any games or controllers.

- If you plan on consuming alcohol, please don’t cause any issues for us or our inventory, or you’ll be asked to leave/escorted out.

Please follow those, and everything should be fine.



- Setup (11:59pm Friday) — Starts as soon as we’re allowed to access the room, could be earlier than the listed time. We will be setting up TVs and testing consoles/controllers, as well as working on our inventory. Item loans/returns will be occurring throughout the weekend.

- Open gaming (Thursday – Sunday) — Will begin as soon as initial setup is finished, and will more than likely be lasting throughout the night (just in case you’re up late and need something to do). In the off-chance we DO need to close the room overnight, it will be open the next morning, once one of our early-riser staff arrives.


- 8am-10pm, Gran Turismo 6: Track Day (Randall Ranger), “Put yourself behind the wheel of some the world’s race inspired cars at different tracks!” (Note: Will be running throughout the weekend, ending on Sunday.)

- 2pm-4pm, Pokemon X/Y Egg Swappapalooza! (Milt/Veronica), “Been doing a little IV breeding lately? Got some extra eggs laying around? Maybe you just want a little souvenir of the friends you made and trainers you battled? Stop by and trade!”

- 2pm-4pm, Sonic 3 (Kenku), “Think you’re fast with Sonic, Knuckles, or Tails? Come test your skills against others in competitive races!”

- 4pm-6pm, Tetris Attack (Milt), “Fast-paced puzzle action, featuring adorable Nintendo Characters. Set up combos and bury your opponent in garbage blocks, in best two-out-of-three matches.”

- 6pm-8pm, Mario Bros. VERSUS (Milt), “The hypest plumbing, the most dangerous turtlejumps, the randomlyest appearing fireballs. Grab coins? Sabotage your opponent? You’ve got options. And a POW block. USE IT.”

- 8pm-10pm, Mario Party Time (Randall Ranger), “Bring your friends together for a fun time with Mario and the gang!”

- 8pm-10pm, RETRO RANDOM ROYALE (Milt), “Make bitter enemies of your best friends, lives will change and fate will be shattered. 1v1 retro battles. Familiar territory? Complete confusion? ALL OF THE ABOVE?! Classics vs. garbage, WHO YA GOT?!”


- 8am-10pm, Gran Turismo 6: Track Day (Randall Ranger)

- 2pm-4pm, Pokemon X/Y Egg Swappapalooza! (Milt)

- 2pm-4pm, Pokemon X/Y Tournament (Veronica), “Come, everyone, to Fur the ‘More’s first ever Pokemon X and Y tournament! Bring your old and new Kalos region pokemon to compete in intense 3D battles.” (Note: Tournament rules will be posted at the con, please take note.)

- 4pm-6pm, Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Milt), “Super? Arcade? Ultra? Nope, Turbo. Pick from one of the classic 12 World Warriors and show off your fireballs, flash kicks, and totally sweet spinning piledrivers.”

- 4pm-6pm, Mega Bomberman (Kenku), “Are you bomber enough to stand tall among the rest? Then enter this tournament, setting you up in the old Bomber man style with a little twist!”

- 6pm-8pm, Halo: Reach (AJ), “Put your paws to the test as you compete in futuristic combat!”

- 6pm-8pm, BlazBlue Continuum Shift: Extend (Amaretto), “Come get your paws on one of the most stunning 2-D fighting games ever made! Whether you’re a casual or tactical player, this game has something for everyone! So fast paced. Much distortion finish. Wow.”

- 8pm-10pm, Mario Party Time (Randall Ranger)

- 8pm-10pm, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Kiric), “Come test your mettle, show off your precision strategy or just come button-mash your way through the Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament! Brawlers will battle head to head in a double-elimination tournament for the top prize, so signup and stick around if you lose one; you’re not done!”


- 8am-close (2pm?), Gran Turismo 6: Track Day (Randall Ranger)

- Room breakdown (all day) — We will be breaking down our setups throughout the day, and returning inventory to anyone who loaned it to us. Items still with us by closing will be stored with staff VG inventory, and can be claimed by contacting myself or by speaking to Con Ops (who will probably contact us).

Open gaming is indeed occurring throughout the weekend, assuming the console you wish to play isn’t in use for a tournament. If anyone has any other questions, please contact me (MiltoniusPrime on FA or Gmail), and I’ll try to help. See you at the con!”

Board Gaming

7am – 10am: Open Play
10am – Black Gold
11am – Puerto Rico
12pm – Carcassone
1pm-3pm – Settlers of Catan Tournament
4pm – Small World
5pm – 7wonders
6pm – Panic on Wall Street
7pm – Illuminati
8pm – Letters from Whitechapel
9pm – Aye Dark Overlord!
10pm – Are you a werewolf?
12am – Cards Against Humanity

1am-10am – Open Play
10am – Pirate’s Cove
11am – 7wonders
12pm – Oltre Mare

1pm-3pm – Settlers of Cat an Tournament (cont.)

4pm – Agricola
5pm – Ticket to Ride
6pm – Power Grid
7pm – Panic on Wall Street
8pm – Small World
9pm – Puerto Rico
10pm – Are You a Werewolf?
12am – Cards Against Humanity

Sunday -
1am-5pm – Open Play