Fursuit Menagerie


The fursuit menagerie will be an open-to-the-public event held in our main ballrooms on Saturday from noon – 2pm to give everyone an opportunity to meet and greet all the other fursuiters, as well as a chance to allow the public to come and meet our community.   We are doing this instead of a Fursuit Parade because of our limited space available to run the parade, especially if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

One of the features of the Menagerie will be that we have three photo stations set up in one part of the ballroom for groups individuals to plan to have photos taken.  For example, this would be an opportunity for someone to get say… All the Cats together, or all the blue furries.  Use the appointment system below to schedule a timeslot for your group to get their photos done.  Individuals, please do not use this for photos, our photo suite is open throughout the convention for individual and group shots.

Make sure you have your group ready on time, your slot is only five mins, and is over when it’s over, regardless of if everyone showed up or not.   Photo suite staff at their discretion can allow you to come back, or extend a session if no one is waiting.

Click here to schedule your group photo.

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