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Staffing Opportunities

Convention Staff

The convention staff are an integral part of Fur the ‘More.  Without them, the convention wouldn’t happen.  Anyone interested in a staff position with Fur the ‘More should keep the following in mind.

1) Treat it like you’re applying for a position at a company.  We are a not-for-profit company, and while you are still a volunteer, our staff positions require a little more scrutiny than just being a volunteer.

2) Make sure you’re qualified for the position.  Sure, everyone knows what the artist alley is, but if you’ve never even set foot to work in one, then how are you going to know how to run this one?

3) You may be required to undergo a background investigation as a part of our staff.  Being a part of the staff is a high trust position that places you into direct contact with the public of all ages, as well as possibly with our materials and/or funds.

4) Perks and Free badges are earned for the following year.  You will still need to purchase your badge the first year. Our perks include: Full access to all areas of the convention, VIP Reception, GOH Dinner, we feed you the whole weekend, our eternal gratitude, and of course the coveted T-Shirt.

5) You will be expected to work for a minimum of 20 hours over the weekend.  That’s not a hard number to get, but especially if you are selected as a Team Lead, you’ll probably be busy enough to get it.

6) All applicants to the staff must by 18 years or older, legal residents of the United states (or legally allowed to travel in the US) at the time of application.

7) We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or age (other than needing to be 18+ to be on staff) in the recruitment and acceptance of volunteers or staff, or in access to or operation of our programs and activities.


The following positions are currently available:

Staff Services  (5 Positions)

Staff services handles all the needs of our staff.  From the staff suite/food, special needs, housing (when available), and a general pool of staff members for assisting other areas that are short handed.  Staff Services members should be able to be flexible and adapt to changing situations and requests.  They are the jack of all trades, and the saviors of departments.

Attendee Services (4 positions)

Attendee services encompasses all of the conventions services for the attendees.  Registration, Information desk, sponsor suite, and guest/vip relations.    Attendee services is currently looking for members to fill the information desk.

Information desk is a stationary location for attendees to be able to get information on everything about the convention, and the surrounding area.  Information desk needs four to six staff members that can rotate to man the desk from the convention opening until late at night.

Exhibitions (Charity helper, Artist alley helper) (2 positions)

Exhibitions is looking for two staff members to assist with the management of the Charity department at the Artist Alley department.  If you want to help promote and gather donations for the charity, or to assist in managing the Artist Alley, apply for the team you would like.

Travel Team (going to other conventions to promote Fur the More) (open)

Do you go to every convention?  Most of the conventions?  Would you like to help promote Fur the ‘More and possibly assist attendees in pre-registering?  We’re looking for individuals or groups that would be interested in bringing Fur the ‘More to other conventions.  Duties would include manning a table in other convention dealers areas during their open hours, responding to questions about Fur the ‘More, presenting a good public appearance, and assisting interested furs in pre-registering for the convention.  We may also be interested in conducting contests or promotions as well.  Benefits include a badge to the event (depending budget/funding availability), and after 20 hours of staffing our tables, you earn your badge to Fur the More.


Fur the ‘More Television is our video marketing department.  Situated as a part of our Tech division, this team is responsible for taking lots and lots and lots of video footage during the convention for use in our video releases and hopefully annual DVD’s.  We will accept and review video from anyone, but this is our dedicated team.   There may also be a sub-team of this department that is familiar with live-streaming and would be willing to dedicate most of the convention to sending out a video feed of our main events (when allowed) and other areas of the convention.


If you do not see a position you are interested in, please feel free to contact our convention operations department.  Otherwise, please consider being a gopher at the convention to help us out.

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