Volunteer/Gophers are the backbone of any convention. They help the convention in every area, and their help is welcomes and rewarded. The terms are pretty much synonymous and really only distinguish if the member volunteer before or after the convention started. The word gopher is NOT meant to be a derogatory term, and it does NOT mean you are only going to be doing the “cruddy jobs”. It’s simply a play on words because volunteers often are sent to “go for” things and tasks.

From FanLore “One fan describes gofers: “Gofers are the volunteers who are vital to the running of any convention over 50 people. You will need approximately 1 gofer per 50 attendees. Gofers help with registration, run errands, and do a multitude of tasks that no one else has time to do, but they must be done.”

You can apply below and if accepted will be added to the roster for a department. You should ideally pre-register. If you are pre-registered and indicate this in your application, then we can count on you and can consider assigning you to a specific department of your choice. Even if you volunteer at the convention, we will do our best to place you into areas where you will enjoy your time. However, we can’t promise anything as it will be based on where and how many people we need. You could work in any area from Badge Checking to registration to the con suite. Flexibility is the key.


  • Work as much or as little as you want,
  • easily able to work around events,
  • Escalating perks.


0-8 hours – Con Store $10 Discount
9-14 hours – Discount, Fur the More tshirt
15-19 hours – Discount, T-shirt, half off attendee badge next year.
20+ Hours – Free attendee badge for next year.

Click Here to Apply or Apply on-site at Volunteer Ops