Fur The More 2018

Fantasy in the Sakura Forest | April 20 - 22, 2018

Fur The More Artist Alley


Sign-up for Lottery Hours:

Friday Thursday 7pm-Friday 11am
Saturday Friday 6pm-Saturday 11am
Sunday Saturday 6pm- Sunday 10am

Hours of Operation:

Friday Selection/Setup-11:30am;

Open to the public -12pm-6pm

Saturday Selection/Setup-11:30am;

Open to the public -12pm-6pm

Sunday Selection/Setup-10:30am;

Open to the public -11am-4pm


Hey Everyone!

Are you an artist just starting out and wanting to try your paw at selling your artwork? Why not try Fur The ‘More’s Artist Alley? We have two ways of entering for the daily lottery- at the con, and ONLINE!

We will be raffling off 75% the table spots ahead of the convention, and the other 25% will be available for at con raffle on a daily basis. Please enter for each day you desire to sell. Each day is raffled off individually for applying artists (example- If you register for all three days, there is a chance you may only win for Friday, or Sunday). You will have until March 1st to enter in for the drawings.

The $20 fee will be due 30 minutes before the Art Alley opens for that day you may be selected for. You will be notified for any days you are selected for via email. If you do not receive an email, then you were not selected for any of the dates you entered for, BUT you will have a second chance at obtaining a table at the convention itself. If possible, we will try to make sure everyone has at least one day.

Several other changes starting in 2018 include:

  • Artist Alley will be in the hallway leading up to the Tysons Ballroom on the Mezzanine level
  • Access to the Dealer Den morning Coffee and Tea ONLY
  • You will be allowed to sell items that are made before the convention, as long as you are the sole artist/writer and are actively able to take commissions.
  • We will be able to take payment for table rental via credit card if needed


Please read the full rules below before applying:

Artist Alley Rules:

  1. If you are selected for artist alley, you must pay $20 to the convention for your spot for the day directly after selection (before the official start time). 
  2. FOR AT CON ARTIST ALLEY LOTTERY: Artists are selected by lottery after placing a SINGLE ballot into the ballot box. The Artist Alley head or staff designee makes selection of artists the morning of the sale date randomly until all spots are filled in the Artist Alley area. Each artist is provided a half table (approximately 3’x3’) and a single chair. Artist is to pay the Art Alley staff directly in cash or show the signed off ballot to the convention store for credit card payments. They will provide you with proof of payment and Artist ribbon to show proof of purchase. There will be no return of this purchase, even if the artist only sells for part of the day. If an artist is selected, but they do not pay claim their spot/pay by the daily start time, then they forfeit their spot, and another candidate will be drawn.
  3. FOR APPROVED ONLINE PRE-REGISTERED ARTISTS: Go directly to the Artist Alley head starting at 11:30am (10:30 for Sunday) for check in. Provide the cash rental fee to the Art Alley staff directly or they will provide you with a rental fee voucher for you to pay the rental fee via credit card at the convention store. You will receive your artist ribbon, and then select your spot for sales. If an artist is selected, but they do not pay claim their spot/pay by 12 noon (11am for Sunday), then they forfeit their spot, and another candidate will be drawn.
  4. If you are not initially selected for a spot, but are able to obtain a spot later in the day (due to an artist leaving early for example), please see the Art Alley Head for payment amount.
  5. If multiple ballots are found within the ballot box of the same applicant, that applicant will be disqualified from sales for that date if the artist is selected to sale. If multiple occurrences of “ballot stuffing” occur from the same artist, additional disciplinary actions may occur, up to or including ejection from the convention.
  6. NO MATURE ARTWORK: All displayed art is to be kept with a rating of PG or lower. Placing stickers or adhesive note pads over mature parts is NOT Adult material of PG-13 or higher is NOT permitted. This include works-in-progress. Staff will periodically check throughout the day to insure this rule is followed.
  7. NO VIOLENT OR VULGAR ARTWORK: No artwork or products advocating violence or foul language towards any group of people or persons will be allowed.  Swear words “censored” in the final product are still allowed to be sold.
    EXAMPLE: Wing dings or @#% symbols may be used to “censor” certain letters in swear words thus making them PG.
  8. ORIGINAL ARTWORK ONLY: All artwork for sale must be original, and created by the artist seated at the table. Mass produced items (including prints, buttons, and books) will be allowed so long as YOU are the sole original artist or writer. No collaborative works will be allowed.  Items crafted prior to the convention on an individual basis are allowed as well.
  9. ARTISTS MUST ACTIVELY SELL AT ALL TIMES: Artist must actively sell for the whole time they are seat within their spot. If the artist is not actively selling, as in “holding a spot” or “no longer accepting orders/sales”, that artist is required to leave that spot and forfeits the spot for the rest of the time of sale remaining. 15 minute breaks will be allowed, within a reasonable amount of times, and if needed, a trusted friend may stay at your station during that break.
  10. TAXES: Due to state laws, each artist will be given a temporary tax form to fill out. It is the responsibility of the artist to fill out the form and send in the tax payment. VA state tax is 6%.
  11. No pirated/copyright materials are allowed.
  12. No active/real weapon sales are allowed. Only costume/cosplay level props. Please see the general code of conduct for the type of allowable weaponry.
  13. All items brought to the Artist Alley must be removed at the end of the sales period. If the area is left in a disorderly state, it will be noted and this may affect future applications to the artist alley. The ONLY exception to this rule is if you pre-registered for a table and won multiple days in a row.  HOWEVER, do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Unlike Dealers Den, there is no way to secure your items in Artist Alley.
  14. No sales may take place outside of the designated Art Alley area. If it is discovered that sales have taken place outside the designated area, disciplinary actions may be taken, up to expulsion from the convention.
  15. Pathways must stay clear due to general safety and emergency exit guidelines. All extra items should be placed underneath the table or chair of the artist. Artist is required to sit only behind the table. Artist is not permitted to sit on top of, stand on top of the table, or sit beside it.
  16. Please be courteous to your fellow artists and customers! Dress accordingly. Artists are not permitted to use flashy or distracting displays/effects, loud music or noises. Profanity, explicit postures, and mannerisms are unacceptable, as is horseplay and harassment of anyone. No fighting or physical altercations. This will result in immediate expulsion from the convention and the possible involvement of local authorities. If issues arise, please notify the Artist Alley Head or Fur The More security
  17. Artist Alley Staff reserve the right to deny service/acceptance to attendees/artists as the staff deems. If anyone is disruptive, flaunting the rules, harassing convention attendees including but not limited to: staff, Dealers, other artists, customers, and general public; and is not amenable to correction, disciplinary action will occur, up to or including expulsion from the convention. Final decisions related to the Artist alley rest with the Artist Alley head.
  18. If you have any questions within our rules, please do not hesitate to contact our Art Alley Head, Exhibitions Director, or higher.



Submission Deadline is 1 March 2018.