Furry Flea Market
Khajiit Has Wares

We’re trying a new idea this year. The Furry Flea market takes place on Sunday of the convention. Here, you can set up and sell your old furry stuff, video games, figures, plush, cosplays and more! Basically, imagine it as a big furry yard sale.


To sell your stuff in the flea market, a $5 donation to the charity fund will be asked.

Tentative Times: Sign in begins at 1:00pm in the hallway. We will let members in to place their items as soon as the room is made available to it. Doors Open to the public at 2pm. Event ends at 4pm. These times may be subject to change as the convention date draws closer

  • You must first check in with Furry Flea Market Staff before the event opens to the public. They are located at a table outside of the event room.
  • Sign off on a form that you understand the rules (also posted below).
  • Enter the room and pick a spot, you cannot have more than a 3x3 space along the walls or at a table (depending on the set up).
If by 2:30, the other half of your table/space is empty or if there is an empty table elsewhere in the room, you may spread out to cover a whole table.

CAN I SELL IN THE HALLWAYS? We cannot allow people to set up and sell in the hallways.

BRINGING YOUR ITEMS IN You must be able to bring your items in a method that you can carry- in your arms, a small milkcrate size rolling crate (ex https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61Q65srCfsL._SL1001_.jpg) or a standard size rolling suitcase. You cannot bring large boxes, wagons, displays, or any set ups. This is for individuals to sell/trade items, *not* for being a dealer or taking art commissions.


PERMITTED: Personal merchandise Video games and related merchandise Cosplays and props Fashion items, clothing or accessories Used fursuits or any of their components Comic Book and Sci Fi merchandise so long as its not more than 50% of your items for sale Books, including graphic novels, manga, etc

Basically the type of things you might have in a rummage or yard sale.

NOT PERMITTED: Bootleg merchandise Crafted items or art (either by you or someone else) that are part of your normal business Raffles, lotteries, games of chance, or any other ticketed items. Solicitation for donations.

The spirit of the flea market is to allow individuals to sell items they may no longer want or need. It is not intended to be a space for those who wish to act as vendors. While there is naturally some fuzziness around the edges of rules like this, Fur the More will take action within the spirit of the rules, and Fur the More staff have final say regarding whether something is allowed under the rules’ intent, regardless of the letter of the rule.

  • Make sure you have change. You can use paypal or your own method to take card payments.
  • Fur the More is not responsible for disputes between individuals. Any arguments or disputes in the hall will result in all parties involved being removed from the room.
  • Selling personal items between individuals typically doesnt require you to collect sales tax, however, you may be subject to regulations in your home state for income. You are responsible for ensuring compliance, we are ONLY providing a space for your to meet other people in.
  • Cart your items to/from the flea market in a rolling suitcase or crate, so you don’t have to carry everything.