Ghost of Honor


During the last year of his life, Dogbomb inspired countless people, furry and non-furry alike to raise funds for research into the disease that afflicted him: ALS.
Despite this year's convention being almost a full year away at the time. Fur the More reaches out to Dogbomb and asked if we could make him our Ghost of Honor. For many people this may have seemed a morbid request, but to Dogbomb it fit with his unique sense of humor and boundless positivity in the face of his illness. To him and to all who battle ALS we dedicate this year's charity fundraising.

Dogbomb's Wikifur biography reads:
Dogbomb was a Paraveterinary worker with decades of experience and an avid runner. He was also the head of the Orange County Gay Runners Meetup Group.
Dogbomb was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in March 2018 and given a prognosis of one to three years. In the aftermath of his diagnosis, he was noted in the fandom for his unyielding positivity, remaining active despite his symptoms.
Dogbomb participated in an early-stage clinical trial to attempt to stop the disease, and with the help of the furry fandom raised money in the name of ALS research.