Fur The More 2018

Fantasy in the Sakura Forest | April 20 - 22, 2018

Guest of Honor: Kalika

Kalika is a digital anthropomorphic artist originally from Canada and currently living in upstate NY with her husband, 4 year old son and two cats. Her personal fursona is that of a melanistic leopard.

She is self taught and has been drawing furry characters and animals as long as she can remember. Her art usually features bold lines and a vibrant use of colours, inspired loosely by stained glass art and children’s storybook illustrations.

She has been working as a fulltime family friendly commission artist for over a decade now and feels very fortunate to have found a community that allows her to do what she loves for a living while meeting many wonderful new people. In her spare time when she is not drawing (which doesn’t happen often), she likesto spend time with her family and is an avid horror film collector and casual gamer. She is also a proud self-proclaimed crazy cat lady.

Kalika Photo