Musical Guest
Strum the Fox
Strum the Fox is a fun-loving D.C./Baltimore-based progressive/indie band that formed in 2008.
The band has changed a bit over the years and is now a quintet consisting of a vocalist who is known to have a parrot on one shoulder and a fox on the other, a guitar that at times takes on the form of a distorted pipe organ, an electric euphonium that sounds like anything but an actual euphonium, a rather large, beefy 6 string bass that takes on the role of bass, rhythm guitar and synthesizer (sometimes all at once) and a drum set that hasn’t quite figured out it’s a drum set.
Unsure of their specific genre and always exploring ways to create new sounds, Strum the Fox is looking forward to rocking out at Fur the More!

You can find Strum the Fox's website at