Top Secret: For Furry Eyes Only

Agent, your mission, if you should choose to accept it:

FTM Publications is ready to receive all of your lovely Conbook submissions! We’re excited to see how talented and dedicated our unique community is and we love opening submission emails and looking at everyone’s work. This year we are excited for our Spy Theme, and we hope you are too!

We are looking for everything spy; art, stories, and pomes… we want it all. There’s no need to set up a dead drop or worry about being tailed to submit your work either! Here are the rules, some things you need to know, and how to submit!

We are looking for spy related work. It can be any style, any time period, and set anywhere, but please keep in mind our theme.

Please note that our Conbook is 8.5x5.5 and published in black and white. We request that you format accordingly.

While we love receiving art in the mail, sadly we cannot accept submissions in that manner. We ask that all submission be sent to Also include in the subject title of the email “Conbook Submission 2019.”

Please make sure that you credit yourself! You’re talented and your piece is wonderful! Let us share with your peers who made such a fantastic contribution! When you email us, include your name (the one you want published in the credits) and your work’s title (“Untitled” is an acceptable title).

Please also submit only your own work. You are allowed to submit more than one piece, however that does not mean all your pieces will make it into the book.

WRITERS! We love a good story, and we’re excited to showcase you! However, we have limited space in the Conbook. Please keep your writing to three pages or less (standard format, i.e. Times,12pt font).

Also, we are a family friendly and inclusive convention. We ask that submission be PG-13 rated or lower. We also ask that politics, religion, and anything that may be found offensive not be submitted. We celebrate diversity, and equality and any message of love is appreciated.

Please be aware that space is limited in the Conbook, and while we would love to publish everyone who sends us something, we may not be able to. You will still receive a special thank you credit in the Conbook and we still appreciate your submission, but we simple didn’t have room for it this year. Please don’t let that discourage you! If you don’t see your work, it’s because we couldn’t fit it in and not because it wasn’t good enough.

All submissions are due by February 8th 2019!

Thank you all so much! We can’t wait to see what you send us!

Submissions, what you need to know:
  • Please stick to the Spy Theme (read above for details).
  • Submissions must be PG-13 or lower in rating (Family friendly con!).
    • No politics, religion, and anything that may be found offensive.
    • Any message of love is appreciated.
  • Conbook is 8.5x5.5 and published in black and white, format accordingly.
  • Send submission to
    • Include in the subject title of the email “Conbook Submission 2019.”
    • Include the name you want published in the credits and your work’s title (“Untitled” is an acceptable title)
  • Submissions are due by February 8th.
    • They will not be accepted later.

Helpful Resources for Inspiration:

The spying game: when has espionage changed the course of history?

Espionage History

Furthermore Submissions Disclaimer:

I understand that submission of my art and/or writing to Furthermore Conbook releases any rights I have to the piece or writing. Furthermore will have the right to publish and/or use my work for the purpose of publishing in, and distribution of the Conbook.

I also understand that Furthermore may chose to post the work on their website or other publicity releases in the future, with the understanding that the work be cited properly (ex: “Art Piece”, by Jane Doe).

I also understand that I will not be compensated for the artwork or writing.

As for the original piece of the artwork or writing, I do understand that I maintain the rights to that piece (i.e. I have the right to sell and/or display) but Furthermore maintains the rights to the submission.

If the submission makes use, in anyway, of the Furthermore logo, mascot (Quoth), or any other Furthermore specific entity, I do not have the rights to those elements outside of submission to the Conbook.