Furthe’More 2017

April 28-30, 2017
Sheraton Tysons Hotel, Tysons, VA
Guests of Honor:
Fox & Mandy of Curtailed Comic
Attendee Guest:   Makuus
Fur the ‘More Future

Wondering what our dates and theme in the future are?

2018: April 20-22 – Fantasy in the Sakura Forest
2019: April 26-28 – TBD



Conbooks are available online so you never have to go with out one!!!!

Posted: 04-26-2017

If you signed up for the dance comp, please contact Reaux at littlecacti@gmail. com to confirm your information!!!!

Posted: 04-26-2017


Posted: 04-25-2017

Upper level! Mezzanine!

Marketplace, Art Show, Charity Auction, Constore, Artist Alley (PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS A NEW CHANGE FOR THIS YEAR!)

Tabletop Gaming, Video Gaming, Kidz Track, Jam Space, Arena

Posted: 04-25-2017

Fur The More’s Most Wanted 2017

So we heard that there was going to a number of… trouble makers at the convention this year, so we had to bring in our own police force… who… just so happened to be our Guest of Honors Fox and Mandy from Curtailed. 

YOU, our Fur The More community get to aid in arresting these vile criminals and in return, aid the charity by doing the following (All Located in CONVENTION OPERATIONS):

1, You can start a bounty for either another person, or yourself (if you are honorable enough) by going to Con Ops, and placing the name on the “Most Wanted List” and starting a bounty (no minimum required).

Who Ever earns the highest bounty by closing ceremonies will be “arrested” by “Nick and Judy” during closing ceremonies, placed into the ZPD police cruiser, and “taken away”… for a trip around the block in the cruiser.  Then you will be taken to our jail for your mugshots, wanted poster, and due processing!

2. If you are ready to “turn yourself in”, you can have the following done:

    a. A digital mugshot for $5

    b. Digital photos in the Jail and a digital mugshot for $10

    c. Both above and a printed custom wanted poster for $20

3. Get “arrested”, thrown into the cruiser throughout various points of the weekend, and have pictures taken with “Nick and Judy” for $5 (ride not included). 

All proceeds go to Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary

Please note- they are not real police officers… you are not really getting arrested… This is all in fun and fundraising!

Posted: 04-25-2017
FurtheMore 2017 Opens in: 1 Days 20 Hours 5 Minutes 41 Seconds