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Information Packet 2020

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Marketplace Registration

Spaces and Registration

Table Type Half Table (3’x3’) Artists Only Single Vendor Table (6' x3') Single Vendor Booth (10' x10’)
Space Rental
$55 Pre-Reg
$20/day at-con lottery
Includes**: Half a standard table, one chair, No Power. Full standard table, two chairs, Access to power 10’x10’ space adjust as desired, single table, two chairs, access to power. Additional furniture upon request.
Registration level
Add badge cost to space rental
Elite Sponsor
VIP “Raven God”
Additional Table/Booth N/A +$120.00 Limit 1 additional +$150.00 Limit 1 additional
Partner/Assistant Badge N/A +$45 Per Partner (Limit1 for a single table purchase, then 2 per additional table purchased) +$45 Per Partner (Limit 2 for a single booth, then 3 per additional booth purchased)
Wi-Fi Access +$20 Per day or +$50 for the weekend +$50 For the weekend +$50 For the weekend
*See registration page on website for additional registration level details
**See specific sections for additional information
  • All table/booth types are for the entire convention (from Thursday through Sunday) except single day half tables lotteried during the event.

  • Each table includes one 6’x3’ (approximately) table, and two chairs. If additional tables are purchased, that table and two additional chairs are included. Partner badges must be purchased separately. Tables may not be moved from their initial locations.

    Each booth includes an open 10-foot (Depth) by 10-foot (Width) divided area with one table, and two chairs. Additional furniture, such as tables or chairs, or complete

    removal of furniture may be available upon request. Vendors who are selected for booth spaces are free to set up their booth space any way they choose as long as it does not interfere with walkways or other vendor set-ups

  • If you are interested in sharing vendor space with another vendor, no more than two separate vendors per booth or table, please contact the Marketplace Head via email during the registration process: marketplace@furthemore.org


  • Marketplace Seller- An attendee who is selected to sell their wares at Fur the More
  • Marketplace Vendor**- A seller selected for the vendor section. This person may choose to sell mass produced items that are not of their own creation (legal copies only), mass produced products of their own creation, or hand produced products of their own creation. See page 8 for more details.
  • Marketplace Artist**- A seller selected for the artists section. This person may only sell a limited number of massed produced items (such as prints, buttons, cds), but their primary focus is on-the-spot artwork/commissions and hand made items. See page 8 for more details.


Marketplace Sellers Only

Marketplace Sellers Only
Open for Sales
Open to Public
Seller Shutdown
Marketplace Sellers Only

Marketplace Sellers Only
Open for Sales
Open to Public
Seller Shutdown
Marketplace Sellers Only

Marketplace Sellers Only
Open for Sales
Open to Public
Tear Down
Marketplace Sellers Only
*Due to the change in venue, room size, and other factors, we can no longer feasibly do the planned lunch break.


Please check in at the Marketplace Ops table for your convention badge, partner badge(s), and any additional information as needed. You and your partners must show a valid form ID as listed within the Fur The More registration information page. No exceptions!

Any Marketplace Sellers arriving after 2pm on Friday without previous notification to the Fur The More Marketplace Heads forfeits their rights to their booth/table, and the next available person on the wait list will have the opportunity to pay the difference, in full, for the spot.


Loading through the front doors of the Marketplace is authorized at any time during setup/teardown. There is a garage entrance in Independence Hall B which may be utilized with prior notification under traffic direction by the Fur The More staff. The garage entrance has a height limitation. No vehicles larger than a passenger van can fit. If you have a larger vehicle, please notify the Marketplace Heads if you desire to use the loading dock at minimum one week before the convention.


Only Marketplace Sellers and their partners will be allowed into the Marketplace during Setup and Teardown. Any other persons will be asked to leave to maintain the security of the area. Marketplace Sellers and Partners must wear their badges at all times to be allowed into the Marketplace, particularly during Setup and Teardown hours. Sellers must keep the walkways clear at all times.


Refunds (or credit for the next year’s convention) on Vendor/Artist space will be given if the request is received on or before January 1st. No refunds will be issued after January 1st

As Fur the More registrations are non-refundable, you will receive a refund of only the space rental.


All VENDOR applicants are reviewed for selection within the first two weeks of Marketplace application. Selected Vendors will be notified and invoiced as needed immediately after those weeks. If you are not notified, then you are automatically placed on the Marketplace Vendor wait list.

If you are notified of a booth/table opening past this point, prospective Vendors MUST pay for their space within two weeks of the notification.

Half tables for the Marketplace Artists will not have a waitlist available. Selection for artists are done at random and selected artists will be notified within two weeks after the initial online registration opening. If you are not selected, you may not receive a notification from the staff.


VA sales tax in the Fur The More location is 6% on all goods/services.


Virginia temporary tax license forms will be within each Marketplace Packet. Vendors must fill out section B on page 2 (two) of the packet, and send it to the address listed on page 1 (one). You will send the required payment to the state at this time as well.

VA Temporary Tax Form:


General VA Tax Questions:



  1. All wares and displays must be kept within the space designated by the con as “yours”. Any Marketplace Seller who encroaches upon another’s space will be asked to move their wares and displays back into their own space.

  2. Blinking / obnoxiously lighted displays, displays involving loud, or uncomfortable/distracting levels of music or sound are prohibited. Likewise, machinery, or materials that are noisy or odorous may not be used in the Marketplace, unless this is an item for sale and does not affect the adjacent Marketplace Seller. Voices must be kept to a moderate level to as to not disturb the other sellers and attendees around them. Shouting across the room to gain attention to your booth is NOT allowed.

  3. At closing each day, and any time your space is unattended, please make sure audible, electronic displays, and/or lighting are shut down.
  4. Displays, banners, wares, decorations, or other items may not be hung from the walls or ceilings. Please clean up your space before you leave, especially if you use tape. Any spaces left dirty or damaged will be charged a cleaning fee and/or repair fee. The responsible party may be prevented from registering as a Marketplace Seller in the future.

  5. Keep all aisles open. All customers must remain standing when in the aisles. Any Marketplace Seller blocking the aisles will be asked to move.

  6. Subject of Materials Sold: Although a wide range of materials/messages may be sold in the marketplace, HATE HAS NO HOME HERE. We are actively discouraging the sales/passing out of any material that may spread a message of hatred or discrimination (including the incitement of hatred and violence against other “hateful” people). If an item is deemed as so, it is up to the Department Head or higher to approve the sale of the item. If you have any questions on this, please see the Department Head.

  7. Marketplace Sellers CANNOT sell any food, drinks, or candy related items.

  8. Adult Materials: Vendor applicants whose products are ONLY of an adult nature (such as toys or services) will not be selected for the Fur the More Marketplace. That being said, SOME adult media (artwork) and merchandise may be sold in accordance with the laws of the State of Virginia within booths. This will be up to the decision of the Marketplace Head or the Exhibitions Director.

    All general displayed art and products are to be kept with a rating of PG or lower. Adult material of PG-13 or higher MUST be placed inside of a notebook, or closed container until requested for by an age appropriate attendee. Staff will periodically check throughout the day to insure this rule is followed.

    The display or sale of adult merchandise to anyone under the age of 18 will NOT be tolerated. Any dealer allowing minors to view or purchase their adult artwork will be given a first warning. Any subsequent charges will result in the dealer being asked to leave. Any form of child pornography, including “Cub Porn” is absolutely prohibited and will be dealt with severely. Any dealer selling such goods will be asked to remove said item(s) from the dealer area or to leave the Marketplace permanently. It is solely the responsibility of the Exhibitor to make sure that the viewer has proof of being 18+ years of age; as such, the Exhibitor will be held fully accountable for any failure to do so, as well as for any complaints received about the material. While Fur the More will make every effort to ensure that minors are appropriately identified through our badge system, this is not a substitute for the exhibitor ensuring by means of photo identification, nor does a failure to do so due to the lack of a minor badge constitute a liability on the part of Fur the More. The offending Exhibitor will immediately be reported to the proper authorities. Fur the More, Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Association, Inc reserves the right to pursue legal action.

  9. Marketplace Sellers are to sell only their own goods or official releases of any DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs (if they are a Vendor). No pirated material will be allowed. Example: Images printed from the Internet and placed onto merchandise for re-sale. No illegal substances will be allowed for sale at the convention.

  10. Setting up your reserved area and security: Marketplace Sellers will be responsible for all materials (extension cords, etc.) needed for setting up their space. If you need to leave your booth unattended during the convention, have a trusted friend watch your wares, or cover items to dissuade shoplifting. Fur the More, the hotel, and the surrounding sellers will NOT be held accountable for any items stolen or damaged accidentally during the convention including overnight (without viable proof of theft). If you have proof of theft by anyone, please request assistance from Marketplace staff. Please be prepared to provide a statement to the Marketplace Ranger and/or the Police.

    Fur the More / Mid-Anthro makes every effort to ensure the security of the marketplace overnight, including placement of rangers at the entry and exit points. However, due to our layout and emergency exit restrictions, we cannot guarantee or assume liability for your wares left overnight or in the event of an evacuation.

    *We can arrange for paid overnight security but it comes with an additional cost. It generally costs $40/hr per person for at least two people for approximately 42 hours (~$3500 for the weekend). We welcome any sellers who wish this type of security to contact us to opt-in to this additional cost. If every seller did, it would only be an additional $23 to the space rental.

  11. Selling in non-designated areas: Designated sales areas: Only pre-approved Marketplace Sellers are allowed to sell merchandise in designated sales areas. The selling of merchandise from any area that is not designated as such is against convention policy. Anyone found selling merchandise from a non-designated area will be referred to the Fur the More Rangers.

  12. The Marketplace staff reserves the right to deny service to anyone. Any seller, assistant, or customer instigating fights, being disruptive, harassing other persons within convention space, or otherwise disturbing the peace of the Marketplace who do not respond to requests to peaceably correct their behavior will have corrective actions taken against them. Serious infractions can result in expulsion from the con and/or the hotel and may also result in the authorities being called.

  13. Visible consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the Marketplace Hall.

  14. Weapon Sales: Only costume/cosplay level weapons will be permitted for sale. “Real life weapons” such as metal swords that are sharp, or firearms are NOT permitted for sale. Please see the Fur the More Code of Conduct for further explanation of the types of props allowed for sale within the convention.

  15. All sellers must abide by and are subject to Fur the More’s Code of Conduct while attending the convention.

  16. Marketplace applicants must be 18 years or older by the Friday of the event to apply. The legal guardian of the minor is allowed to apply for a Marketplace spot, but they must have the legal guardian with them at the spot during open hours. For those of you who are bringing your children who are under the age of 18 as of the first day of the convention, you will also find a Parental Consent form in your Attendee Packet. We need you to fill out this form and give it to us when you are picking up your badge and your child’s badge. YOU MUST NOTIFY THE HEAD OF THE MARKETPLACE if you are planning on bringing a minor as a partner in a SEPARATE EMAIL.

    Children must be supervised at all times and not allowed to run amuck throughout the Marketplace or any convention space. Minors should not be allowed to use any power/electrical tools, rocket launchers, caffeine, or any other destructive forces. Exhibitors who allow their minors to use such tools do so at their own risk and in doing so releases Fur the More from any responsibility or liability. In addition, if the minor is disturbing other attendees or Marketplace Sellers, the exhibitions staff or higher have the right to ask for the minor to be removed from the area.

  17. Table/Booth are shareable: Tables and booths are sharable between the number of maximum applicants plus partners allowed (2 for a single table, 3 for a single booth). Each business must have their own temporary tax license- available from the Marketplace Head. If you are sharing your spot with another business, as the applicant, you are seen as the primary/representative of all the companies. If there are any issues that occur, the applicant will be the person responsible for the other party, and will be approached as such. The secondary businesses will not be listed on the website or on the convention map, only the primary business.

  18. Wi-Fi- Sellers must provide your own smart device to access the Wi-Fi. If you desire access to Wi-Fi, please mark this within your Marketplace sign up application. Codes will be given to Marketplace Sellers who pay for Wi-Fi access by the Marketplace Head/Artist Head. \

Marketplace Artist Specific Information:

  • Artists can apply for this space for one or more days of the convention at a “per day” rate or apply online for the full weekend.

  • Selections are done at random, and all winning Artist table applicants will be notified within 2 weeks post application opening

  • Half tables are allowed a limited display, no more than a few inches off the table.

  • Half tables are not allowed to re-sell items, and are limited to artist created pre-manufactured items such as art books, buttons, and pins provided they are actively taking commissions.

  • HALF-TABLE ARTISTS MUST ACTIVELY SELL AT ALL TIMES: Artist must actively sell for the whole time they are seated within their spot. If the artist is not actively selling, as in “holding a spot” or “no longer accepting orders/sales”, that artist is required to leave that spot and forfeits the spot for the rest of the time of sale remaining that day. 15-minute breaks will be allowed, within a reasonable amount of times, and if needed, a trusted friend may stay at your station during that break.

  • All same day half tables must be cleared at the end of the night as half tables are filled each day. Pre-registered weekend half-tables may keep their items on the table overnight if they choose.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Artist Alley Head: artistalley@furthemore.org

Artist Seller Rules

  1. FOR ONSITE ARTIST LOTTERY: Artists are selected by lottery after placing a SINGLE ballot. The Artist Head on the morning of the sale date will randomly select artists until all spots are filled in the Artist Alley area. Each artist is provided a half table (approximately 3’x3’) and a single chair. If the Artist Seller Area is not full, artist have the option to buy the full table for double the amount of a single spot. Artists are to pay the Artist Head. There will be no return of this purchase, even if the artist only sells for part of the day. If an artist is selected, but they do not pay claim their spot/pay by the daily start time, then they forfeit their spot, and another candidate will be drawn.

  2. FOR APPROVED ONLINE PRE-REGISTERED ARTISTS: Go directly to the Artist Head table starting at 9:00am for check in. You will receive your artist ribbon, and then select your spot for sales. If an artist is selected, but they do not claim their spot/pay by 11am, then they risk forfeiting their spot if we cannot reach you with your provided pre-registration information, and another candidate will be drawn.

  3. If you are not initially selected for a spot, but are able to obtain a spot later in the day (due to an artist leaving early for example), please see the Artist Head table for payment amount.

  4. If multiple ballots are found within the ballot box of the same applicant, that applicant will be disqualified from sales for that date if the artist is selected to sale. If multiple occurrences of “ballot stuffing” occur from the same artist, they will be disqualified from the current and following year’s artist selections.

  5. ORIGINAL ARTWORK ONLY: All artwork for sale must be original and created by the artist seated at the table.

    Example- Batches of soap made by you or a resin mask made, start to finish, by you are acceptable. CDs, prints, comics, buttons, ONLY MADE BY YOURSELF, fall within this rule. If it is discovered that the seated artist did not make the items, they will be removed from the Artist Area without a refund.

THANKS! We look forward to seeing you as part of our Marketplace Family.

Marketplace Registration